Monday, May 14, 2007

SAT Steps Up to Eclipse 3.3 M7

As the release date of Eclipse 3.3 quickly approaches, SAT has stepped up to M7. The SAT Downloads section, on the right, now includes links for both Eclipse 3.2.2 and Eclipse 3.3 M7.

Eclipse 3.3 is shaping up to be an important release for everyone that cares about OSGi. The PDE team has out done themselves by addressing over 900 bugs reports. I am particular pleased to see strides towards making the PDE tooling more friendly towards the needs of OSGi developers. Here's a list of PDE bug reports in which I have been involved.

If you're just getting to Eclipse 3.3 now, be sure to check out the New and Noteworthy document for M7 and for the earlier milestones.

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