Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Equinox Command Provider Enhacements

The bundle org.eclipse.soda.sat.equinox.console.cmdprov extends the Equinox console by registering four org.eclipse.osgi.framework.console.CommandProvider services.

  • Bundle Dependencies: These commands allow you to query the dependency and prerequisite relationships that exist between bundles.

  • Configuration Admin: These commands allow you to query the ConfigurationAdmin service for configuration PIDs, factory PIDs and configuration properties. This command provider requires a ConfigurationAdminservice to be registered.

  • Logging: These commands let you query and set the log level, and query and control whether tracing is on or off.

  • Missing Imported Services of Bundles and Configurations: These commands allow you to query the missing required and optional imported services of SAT bundles and configurations created by ConfigurationAdmin.

To use the Equinox console, launch the OSGi framework with the -console program argument, which is present by default for an OSGi Framework launch configuration. Typing help at the Equinox console will display the following additional command usage information:

---Bundle Dependencies---
adep - show all dependents of the specified bundle
apre - show all prerequisites of the specified bundle
dep - show dependents the specified bundle
pre - show prerequisites of the specified bundle
---Configuration Admin---
cprops [pid] - display the configuration properties
fpids [filter] - display the factory pids
pids [filter] - display the pids
logLevel [(debug|info|warning|error)] - query and control log level
trace [(on|off)] - query and control tracing
---Missing Imported Services of Bundles and Configurations---
ams [id] - show all missing imported services
mos [id] - show missing optional imported services
mrs [id] - show missing required imported services

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