Friday, March 7, 2008

SAT Support Proxy Service Equality

Previous posts talked about the problem of comparing the equality of two proxies, and a solution that involves unwrapping each proxy before performing the equality test. Today's post is short and sweet in that it simply shows the code to test SAT's support for proxy equality. The following snippet of code creates a proxied service and compares it with itself.

FactoryUtility utility = FactoryUtility.getInstance();
BundleContext context = getBundleContext();
IProxyServiceHandler handler = new ProxyServiceHandlerAdapter() {
public Object createService() {
return new HotdogVendor();
IServiceRecord record = utility.createExportProxyServiceRecord(context, VendorService.class, handler, null);
Object service = record.getService();
boolean equal = service.equals(service);
System.out.println("service.equals(service) = " + equal);

The console output is, as follows:

service.equals(service) = true

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